Through Stillpoint’s multi-faceted trainings, students learn how to develop the perceptual skills to listen and respond to the healing intentions of the body.

Passageways: The Throat and The Pelvis

February 7-10, 2019 • New York City

Instructor: Katherine Ukleja

In this clinically oriented seminar we will look at two vital passageways in the body, the throat above and the pelvis below.


The throat—the voice and the hyoid

The hyoid in the homo species enabled speech by putting sounds together into a clear structure. Speech meant sharing of ideas and concepts leading to the dawn of human culture. The voice reveals our emotions. Sounds of anguish or of triumph are universally understood. Tone tells us more than the words that are spoken; it is primal, animal—a key component of the Social Nervous System.

We will explore:

  • The larynx, the mechanism and psychology of voice production. Can we speak up for ourselves, be heard?

  • The hyoid bone, formed from two pharyngeal folds in the embryo is the anchor of the tongue.

  • The central anatomical component of the throat, a solid strut in its tensegrity structure and the root of many muscles.  

  • Loss of connection between our instinctual gut brain and our rational head brain and our ability to act and to feel.

  • Resolution of throat inertia to help ‘reconnect the head to the body’.

The pelvis

The pelvic floor is a highly integrated structure requiring organs, muscles and nerves to work together. “There are a lot of other complex systems, like the heart and the gut, but those aren’t voluntarily controlled,” says Lukacz. “That’s what makes it unique.”

We will explore:

  • Birth from the mother's point of view, damage to the maternal pelvic floor and it’s consequences.

  • Age-related conditions, common in both men and women, particularly incontinence and dysfunctional urinary flow.

  • Practical work will highlight the connective tissue matrix, the autonomic nerves and the all-important lymphatic drainage of the pelvic bowl.


4 Day Workshop Fee: $725

Admission Requirements:

  • Good physical and psychological health

  • Submission of the online enrollment/application form

  • A sound training in anatomy and physiology

  • An understanding of pathology and symptomology

  • Completion of a certified foundation training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

* If you are interested in the training but have not filled these prerequisites, 
please contact Stillpoint to discuss possible options