“The ethos of the school is one of caring, support and respect for the individual needs and learning styles of the students… Under the guidance of these empathic teachers, participants often undergo personal growth and transformation.”
—Katherine Ukleja


Working With Little Ones: A Three Part Series

Part one: building the body (Katherine Ukleja)
part two: birth odyssey (Dominic Degranges)
part three: echoes of the womb (Cherionna Menzam-Sills)

Starting NOVEMBER 2019 • New York City

This three-part series will explore the deep formative forces that create a human being and the miraculous journey from conception, fetal development, birth and the first years of life. This unique program will give students the rare opportunity to learn about these energies and how to meet them in ourselves, our adult clients and working with babies and their families. Explore this exciting territory with three leading experts in the field. Students will need to participate in all three parts and must have completed a Foundation Training.

Birth Odyssey: our potential, creativity and deep joy of living

february 5-9th, 2020
instructor: dominic degranges


The understanding of the dance between existential and survival forces will be central in this workshop. This understanding lights the way to reclaim our inspiration, our originality and ‘joie de vivre’.

The path of incarnation leaves imprints which influence our way of being here, in our life on earth. Birth is a powerful transition on this path and sets the scene for our sense of empowerment and authentic way of being. How we are born will shape how we are in life and in our relationships with others and with ourselves.

From one view it matters how we are born and from the other view it does not matter, life goes on. Being here is being in a paradox, that is what the breath of life tells us. That will be our exploration for this workshop.

We will review:

  • Beginnings: Conception and implantation – as consciousness descends into form, we take the first step on the path of incarnation. Existential and survival needs are tested and leave imprints on our very being. 

  • Birth Energy: Creative Opposition and the liberation of potential. Agency, the sense of being effective in the world, begins with birth energy and how that energy is met.

  • The Birth Journey: Each of us has an individual story of our passage into independent life – Each of us carry that story in our body and psyche. 

  • Bonding: The post-natal period is one of dependence. As babies, the bonds we establish and the trust we develop in our parents and care givers, form the foundations for our sense of safety in the world.

  • Babies: The essence of working therapeutically with babies is the ability to hear their stories, particularly their birth stories. Baby talk/language consists of movement, gesture and voice. The therapist needs to become attuned to baby talk/language to guide the baby through difficult parts of that story and help them re-establish safe bonds so needs are met.

We will explore:

  • Existential and survival needs

  • Boundaries and Creative opposition

  • The essence of birth 

  • Assimilation and guidance of one’s own birth-history.

  • Working with traumatic birth imprints with adults and babies

  • Bonding and attachment

  • Working with babies in a family setting


Workshop Fee: $925 per module

Admission Requirements:

  • Good physical and psychological health

  • Submission of the online enrollment/application form

  • A sound training in anatomy and physiology

  • An understanding of pathology and symptomology

  • Completion of a certified foundation training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and or have completed Craniosacral Courses

* If you are interested in the training but have not filled these prerequisites, 
please contact Stillpoint to discuss possible options