Dominique Degranges

BCST Visiting Instructor

Born in France, Dominique first studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and came to Switzerland to include the relational aspect through the anthroposophic approach. Working with patients since 1980, he has been trained in Process Oriented Psychotherapy (Arnold Mindell), Focusing (Eugene Gendlin) and Polarity Therapy. His approach articulates a deep understanding of developmental issues, specially in very early stages of development (Birth Process and Prenatal Psychology with William Emerson, Prenatal and Birth Training with Ray Castellino) and the somatic aspects linked to these issues Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Franklin Sills). His training in Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) allowed him to deepen the understanding of the neurophysiological processes and traumatic experiences.

He is Director of the Da Sein Institut in Wintherthur offering training in Cranio-Sacral Biodynamics and Birth Processes as well as trainer in Somatic Experiencing since 2013.