BCST, the Subtle Body and Transformative Shifts in Health and Perception

 By Paul Norden, Stillpoint Graduate and BCST Practitioner


Trauma held in the body/mind field creates a regioning that has two possible potentia. The first is density and inertia held in the body, enfolding the remnants of trauma in the physical tissue and non-physical fields until it can be resolved; the second is the way in which the trauma and the subtlety of its resultant, subconscious habit-field –our thoughts/concepts, projections and accompanying actions– direct its affects in and as our experience of perceptivity and perceiving.

In the tradition of inner yoga teachings on the subtle body, the rising of thoughts, concepts and projections that are grasped at as real Are the movement of winds through the subtle channels, the habit-field of the subtle body/mind.

We know that the practice of Craniosacral Biodynamics has the capacity to engage these habit-fields in much if not the same way that inner yoga practices do. In the depths of the holistic (or parasympathetic) shift during a session, the winds that are our ordinary, sometimes chaotic, mind of grasping at perception become temporarily subsumed into the quantum midline, the central channel. Here, what can be resolved during the course of a session has been described in Franklyn Sills' Seven Depths of Stillness, from volume one of his Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics. This is the domain of trauma resolution and, more importantly, it is the domain of transformation.

This Mystery is the most profound and beautiful secret hidden within our work.

How this occurs is difficult to know. But we do know from sharing with our clients and observing them over time that many things begin to change in their perceptual engagement with the world. They begin to become spontaneously happy, more freely enjoying life outside of conditions and circumstances. Fears and other strong emotional habits drop away. One example of this is an African American client of mine who told me she always made sure to dress up a bit before going to her bank to talk to an associate about her business account. One day, she realized that without a thought, she had gone in her bib overalls, sneakers and dreadlocks to do business, all without a care. She realized the social fear that had narrowed and entrained her behavior simply dropped away within the emergence of the simple enjoyment of life. In other examples, clients begin to discover an ease and the 'space' in which they can observe and make choices about what to say or do in a particular situation, actualizing an innate richness, trust and simplicity in their lives.

Our training and ongoing practice of Biodynamics opens something within us, it brings 'organs of perception' online that were previously latent. We are able to perceive fluid and tidal movements not only in and around our clients, but as the appearing of the entire non-physical world, unveiled through the endeavor of our training and practice. Some discover the meaning in the movements of color and light, others through the felt-perception of spatial movement. Still others intuit and know where to begin and follow a session through with their client.

If there is such thing as a quantitative measure of 'healing', it will be found in the qualitative way in which perception and awareness change and unfold -and as a result, we will discover we are not who we think we are.