Clara Favale

MSPT, RCST, BCST Certified Instructor

Clara Favale started her career with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, working with both children and adults. Treating people with traumatic injuries and disease motivated her to inquire more deeply into the nature of healing, and this led her to Craniosacral Therapy. She studied CST for 15 years, before learning of Franklyn Sills and his approach, which greatly inspired her. Her journey with BCST began with studies at the Karuna Institute in 2000. Clara’s background includes different modalities of healing, as well as many BCST postgraduate courses. She has taught continuing education courses in pre- and postnatal PT. While she specializes in working with babies and children, her private practice in NYC treats people of all ages with all degrees of challenges. She is inspired daily by this work and is humbled by the vast nature of the human experience and the luminous spirit which unfolds as healing occurs.