Christina Morrow

LMT, SEP, RCST, BCST Certified Instructor

Christina Morrow has been studying Craniosacral Biodynamics and Somatic Experiencing since 1999. She began her training at the Kiental School in Switzerland and the American School of Energy Therapy, and has continued developing these skills since 2006 through mentorship with Franklyn Sills, and other talented teachers such as Diane Poole Heller, Raja Selvam, and Peter Levine. Through years of intensive study and training, she has gained an in-depth understanding of how combining cranial sacral bodywork with the techniques of Somatic Experiencing can support resolution of obsolete patterns and traumas that have been experienced throughout life, starting before birth. Trauma resolution and resilience has been an area of special focus for Christina. She has a private practice in Connecticut where she also supervises practitioners, and teaches in NYC with Stillpoint.